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The Capricorn Foundation supports disadvantaged children, youths and communities in Africa. The effects of the HIV/AIDS pandemic and the urgent need to viably manage depleting resources, leads to our foundation focussing on specific programs that educate the young generation, empowers people and transfers know-how. Our goal is to address CHILDREN, EDUCATION & NATURE CONSERVATION.


Viable resource management, especially in developing countries is of utmost importance. The natural resources of a country (minerals, forests, landscapes and nature) are often the only assets of a population that will essentially secure its survival .

The rapid increase in the population of most developing nations requires urgent action regarding the exploitation of these resources. The senseless depletion through the unethical behaviour of certain Global Companies and Nations (in particular China) destroys the livelihoods of whole nations for generations.


Affected by the destruction are all inhabitants, however structurally weak communities in rural areas are most adversely affected due to the lack of know-how and self empowerment.


The Capricorn Foundation advocates educational programs in nature conservation and resource management.