In December 2009 we signed an agreement with The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) in Kenya, whereby we will support the Trust in its effort to educate and support children and schools in communities that boarder the Tsavo National Park.


The DSWT is an organisation that is mainly involved in saving orphaned elephants by rescuing them throughout Kenya and transporting them to the “Orphanage” in Nairobi. Here they are cared for lovingly and slowly returned into their wild environs. It would exceed this webpage to describe the entire long process of reintroducing the elephants into the wild. We therefore recommend our readers to look up the webpage of the DSWT and find out more about these fascinating and intelligent animals. You may also adopt and support an elephant on this webpage -


The work of the Trust is significantly hampered by the ongoing and increased poaching that is taking place both due to the demand for ivory from China and Japan and illegal bush meat trading. Especially the sale of ivory in China has lead to significant increases in poaching since Chinese migrant workers are building roads and other infrastructure projects in Kenya (and other African countries). The local population is often employed by the Chinese as hunters. In order to reduce the poaching for bush meat as well as the ivory trade the DSWT is engaged in several areas to reduce the poaching and help ailing wildlife. All details can be found on the DSWT webpage linked above.


The  Capricorn Foundation will carry the annual expenses for the Chui Desnaring Team, located in Mtito Andei,  for three years.