Newsletter 2018

The year 2018 is coming to an end very quickly and we would like to up-date you with our current newsletter on all developments and our visit to Big Life Foundation, Kenya, in May 2018. Meeting the parents of the sponsored students was extremely humbling and impressive. You will find all the details here. New plans for 2019 are transpiring and we look forward to an exciting new year 2019 with you. Thank you for your generous and continued support, without it we would not be able to achieve so much!

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Newsletter 2017

Dear Friends of the Capricorn Foundation,

The year 2017 has seen various challenges and has brought new insights. At the end of the year we are sending you our impressions and would like to sincerely thank you for your ongoing generous support without which we would not be able to assist those in need to such an extent. Please read our newsletter for 2017.

Wishing you a healthy, safe and peaceful New Year 2018.

Newsletter 2016

The year is coming to an end and after a very exciting trip through

4 countries  in June of this year I would like to give you a few impressions and an update on our work.

I would also like to thank you for your generous support without which we would not be able to help all these children. Please read our newsletter for 2016.

Wishing you a safe and peaceful New Year 2017.

Newsletter 2015

The year is coming to an end and after a trip to the projects in Kenya in October of this year I can only reiterate my deep gratitude for your support in 2015. Your help is immensely appreciated by the children and communities we support. Read about the impact in this newsletter.

Wishing you a safe and successful New Year 2016.

Newsletter 2014

Our Newsletter for 2014 is now online. Read about all the exciting new activities and send us your ideas and questions. Most importantly, please consider the Capricorn Foundation if you wish to donate during the Christmas Festivities. We guarantee that 100% of your donations are allocated towards the projects.


International March for Elephants & Rhinos, 4.10.2014 – There will be another March to save the Elephants on October 4, 2014. Find out where here:

International March for Elephants & Rhinos am 04.10.2014


Easter Greetings from Kenya – how do Maasai celebrate Easter. A letter of thanks from Musa Lenkoti’s family sent by the Big Life Foundation. Read the letter here:: Easter in Maasai Culture